Are you a Manitoba farmer or farmer’s market who is:

  • selling your farm products directly to customers?
  • open to connecting with other direct-marketing farmers and farmers’ markets?

Direct-marketing to the individual or wholesale customer is all about making a lasting first impression, and you want to be ready. Whether you are at a farmer’s market, a customer’s house for a delivery or a retailer dropping off a sample, it pays to be ready to tell the story of your farm or farmers’ market.

Every farm and every farmers’ market has a story to tell, a story that Direct Farm Manitoba can help you develop and share with others. The story of your farm or farmers’ market tells a potential customer not only your history, it gives this person insight into the values and principles that are behind the work that you do and the products that you sell.

After becoming a member with Direct Farm Manitoba, you will:

  • Create an individualized profile about your farm or farmers’ market
  • Gain access to the “Members Only” Facebook Group
  • Connect to a network of direct-marketing farmers in Manitoba (events, resources Facebook group)
  • Receive our newsletter
  • Be able to participate in a number of workshops throughout the year and our yearly conference

Once you create your profile, your farm or farmers’ market will be placed on the website and visitors to the site will be able to view it.

For more information about becoming member  of Direct Farm Manitoba, download the Direct Farm MB Membership Package. To apply for membership:

  1. Fill out the form below or send in the membership application
  2. Pay your membership fee ($50) either by cheque or etransfer to

Applications for membership will be processed once the application and membership fee have been received.

Application forms and payment can be sent to:

Direct Farm Manitoba

270 Cathedral Ave.

Winnipeg, MB. R2W 0X5

If you have any questions or concerns about membership, contact us.


Join the closed Facebook group for members of Direct Farm Manitoba.

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