What is Direct Farm Manitoba?

Direct Farm Manitoba is the voice for the small scale farm sector in Manitoba.
We are a member-owned cooperative of direct marketing farmers and farmers’ markets. We support our members to achieve fairness in our industry, and maximize their opportunities for economic sustainability. By helping our farms and farmers’ markets, we help all Manitobans make better decisions about the food on our tables.

How can I buy from your members?

Direct Farm Manitoba knows each of the farmers and farmers markets that are profiled on our website. You can explore what they offer and the places they sell using their profiles on this site.   Contact information is provided so you can contact the farmers and farmers’ markets directly.

A Short History of Direct Farm Manitoba

Direct Farm Manitoba is a member owned cooperative that has brought together three organizations that have been supporting the small scale farm sector.

The former Farmers’ Market Association of Manitoba (FMAM) forms the base that continues today with the farmers’ market members of Direct Farm Manitoba. In 2013 a Small Farm Working Group led by Dr. Wayne Lees was set up by the province to study support for the sector. The study recommended an organization be created to support small scale farmers. In March 2016 Direct Farm Manitoba was formed by extending the existing FMAM cooperative with the addition of Individual members. In 2014, a private initiative called Small Farms Manitoba was created by Kalynn Spain to provide a focus for farmers and consumers. As of January 2017, these three elements are joined together in Direct Farm Manitoba.

Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors

President: Phillip Veldhuis, Phil’s Honey

Vice President: Stefan Regnier, Blue Lagoon Organics

Treasurer: Bruce Berry, Almost Urban Vegetables

Secretary: Danielle Mondor, Make-shift Farm

Director: Judy Swain, Tri-Pop Farms

Director: Erica Young, Beausejour Farmers’ Market

Director: Justin Girard, Hearts and Roots

Director: Michelle Schram, Fresh Roots Farm

Director: Brenda Tjaden, Tjaden Farm



Kristie Beynon, Executive Director

[email protected]