Direct Farm Manitoba is actively involved in advocating for the interests of its member markets and farmers.  In addition to this, our members have access to a number of other important benefits, including a farm or market profile on DFM’s website, promotion of the direct marketing sector throughout the season, and special events and programs.


Are you a Manitoba farmer who is selling your farm products directly to customers?


Or are you a Manitoba farmers’ market?

March 29, 2022

Building Market Share in Small Communities

by Teri Jenkins, Brown Sugar Produce It’s easy to look at a small community and assume there are no opportunities to grow your business there.  When I floated the idea of us moving back to my home province of Manitoba, my husband raised his eyebrows, wondering what sort of local… READ MORE +
March 8, 2022

Learning Why Through the Seasons

By Chad Wiens, Slow River Farms In the Winter I turn towards introspection. Every year as summer fades I find moments for reflection. Inevitably, the question of “why farm” comes up and it’s never entirely clear as to why I am asking. Perhaps it stems from self doubt, or maybe… READ MORE +
February 27, 2021

Marketing Lessons from Abroad

by Ryan Boyd Traditionally, farmers are not great at marketing. Many have been drawn to life on the farm for its solitude and withdrawal from the busyness of the city, where we then become price-takers in a commodity business. Of course, most farmers realize the importance that slight improvements in marketing… READ MORE +
February 27, 2021

Resilience through History and Crisis: Direct Farm Marketing

By: Ryan Gauvin To assess the state of agriculture from where we stand today – deep in a global pandemic, with its disrupted supply chains, social networks and consumer patterns, all under the swirling skies of an increasingly volatile climate – it is only natural to wonder what the future… READ MORE +