Watersong Farms


Farm Bio

In 1959, Leslie’s parents, Chris and Helen (Rodway) Riddell purchased the farm that Leslie and Rudy are on today. As newlyweds, the Riddell’s moved into the original farm house – built in the 1890s – and began mixed farming. Raising cattle, growing wheat and having a family on top of the poultry business made for a dynamic farm and family life. From this, poultry production with farm-gate sales was developed over the years with a growing list of customers from all walks of life.

In 2003, Rudy and Leslie bought the farm and continue farmgate poultry sales. In 2008, the implement shed was retrofitted to house the indoor recirculating system for raising Steelhead Trout. With capacity for 140 metric tonnes of fish, the anticipated outcome is to have a freshwater aquaculture operation that will catalyze the development of a sustainable freshwater aquaculture industry in Canada.

New to Watersong Farms 2016 is the ON FARM Butcher Shop and Smokehouse.
Some of the products include italian chicken sausage, garlic chicken sausage, smoked chicken breast and whole chickens, chicken jerky, Steelhead trout smoked fillets etc…
Watersongs butcher and smokehouse manager Jeff is the farms expert in custom cut and wrap beef, pork ,lamb, bison and wild etc. for any info contact him at 204-461-4221.