Loewen Homestead


Farm Bio

Almost ten years in the making – that’s how long we have helped our land undergo a transformation from traditional large scale farming into a chemical free fertile Red River Valley soil again. We don’t use chemical fertilizers or sprays. The land is breathing and functioning like it should. Organic inputs have helped this land produce some of the best tasting and healthiest food you can find.

The Loewen Homestead is also home to free-range animals such as egg-laying hens, roaster chickens, and pigs. The animals’ diets include fresh spinach, beet tops, Swiss chard and corn. We make Italian and Farmer sausage from the pork. Chicken can be substituted for pork.

We deliver the food to your door.

REGION: Winnipeg Delivery

COVID-19 Measures: For delivery, CSA members will have a choice of re-usable bags or cardboard boxes. Upon return, the re-usable bags will be sterilized in a chlorine/water solution of 1/9 and hung on a clothesline in direct sun for 1 day. Farm workers will maintain a 2-meter distance from each other at all times. Hand mandatory hand washing and disinfecting of all tools and surfaces will be done regularly.

Sales from our trailer (Grain Elevator): Signs will be posted at our vending site regarding safe distancing. Only exact change (placed in a neutral drop box) or eTransfers will be acceptable forms of payment.

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