Direct Farm Manitoba is actively involved in advocating for the interests of its member markets and farmers.  In addition to this, our members have access to a number of other important benefits, including a farm or market profile on DFM’s website, promotion of the direct marketing sector throughout the season, and special events and programs.


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Manitoba Community Food Currency Program

Manitoba Community Food Currency Program
2022 Update!

We are excited to announce, that due to generous community support, we will be able to run the 2022 program in several rural and Winnipeg locations!

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What are we doing?

Piloted in the 2020 market season, the Manitoba Community Food Currency Program is a community building initiative that empowers members of our community who frequently experience barriers to accessing healthy whole food by providing them with access to community food currency to purchase food directly from participating farmers’ markets and food hubs across Manitoba. Together Direct Farm Manitoba, market coordinators, and community partner organizations promote food literacy and food security by making healthy, local food more accessible to participants. The Manitoba Community Food Currency Program is modelled after the highly successful British Columbia Association of Farmers’ Markets (BCAFM) Coupon Nutrition Program, which has been running for over a decade. Recently, Nova Scotia has also begun their own ‘market bucks’ coupon program.

How does it work?

Participating farmers’ markets partner with community organizations who are already connected with people who would benefit from better access to fresh, local food. These community partner organizations select individuals and families who would benefit from increased food security. Direct Farm Manitoba provides small  community food currency to their community partners who pass them on to participants, who can use it to purchase food from farmers at their local farmers’ market.

Why are we doing it?

Direct Farm Manitoba exists to represent and advocate for the direct marketers of our agricultural sector. The Manitoba Community Food Currency Program is a win for producers, a win for farmers’ markets and a win for communities communities!

This program aims to provide these positive outcomes:

  • Greater access to fresh, local food households struggling with food insecurity
  • Strengthened communities through relationship building, increased health outcomes, and improved overall mental health
  • Support local resilient agriculture through the direct support of Manitoba farmers
What does success look like?

The program was piloted in the 2020 farmers’ market season, partnering with both urban and rural community partners. In 2021 it was able to expand, and in 2022 it expanded again, serving 230 households. Farmers have reported increased sales and markets have seen more foot traffic,  while participants have had greater access to fresh, local foods.

The overwhelmingly positive community response has meant that the program has much more interest than the current funding can support. In order to continue the program in 2023, as well as expand to better meet community demand, we are seeking revenue of  $350,000.

For general program inquiries, or to discuss our Sponsorship Opportunities, please contact Kristie Beynon, Executive Director

Are you a community organization or farmers’ market that would like to get involved? Please get in touch: [email protected]

Many thanks for the generous support of our program funders and donors.


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