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Tri-Pop Farm

The farm is an 80 acre triangle (TRI-), bordered on two sides by canals, with 10 acres or so of poplar bush (-POP) that Ken is proud to have maintained for 43 years to date. Even when the mosquitoes reign supreme in there, the cows take advantage of its shady retreat and browsing opportunity. The humans cull firewood, listen to the songs of the frogs that share the dugout with the cows and the wild ducks and geese who stopover, and are continually awestruck by the brilliant sunsets seen through the silhouettes of the trees. There are wonderful photo opportunities on the farm, and Judy takes full advantage of it.

The Swains have come to farming by a roundabout route, city folk who wanted the space and self-direction afforded by a rural life. Ken has had many careers, from landscaping to taxi driving, radio announcer, child protection and human rights. Lynne worked in retail sales, Graham in warehousing, tow truck, autobody and car mechanics. Both are now legally blind but still succeed in feeding animals and maintaining farm machinery. Judy ran a licensed home daycare and, at age 50, began training as a chiropractor, with an focus on nutrition, and on the farmers’ markets in the area!

Ken has always built and maintained (or demolished) the farm structures. Graham started in with chickens as a kid, and added turkeys, cows and goats over the years, plus the foundational haying. He is the resident ‘midwife’ to many cows and goats. Lynne does the milk preparation for all the bottle babies. She does the anxious hovering too! Judy has joined Graham in the hen houses, is the major gardener, landscaper, builder, photographer, and now ‘the chick who sells chicken’ at the St. Norbert Saturday market, She was a member of the volunteer board that manages the Steinbach market and was intensively involved in its development for 4 years.

They sell eggs from free range chickens, grass-fed beef, chickens, turkeys and goats, as well as chicken livers and sausage (no msg, nitrates or gluten). Their meats are available at the farm year round, as long as supplies last, and at the St. Norbert Saturday market from June to October. Eggs are available a the farm. Chickens and livers are also available at Good’n Natural and at Nature’s Farm in Steinbach.

Rd 26 E Hanover, Manitoba
P: 204-388-4978