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The Honey Mine at Cooks Creek

Its our opinion that the bees do it best! That’s why we package only pure raw honey in every jar. Our honey is typically a blend of sunflower, sweet clover, canola, and wildflower, offering a light appearance and flavour. This means that our customers always get raw honey packed with the absolute minimum processing possible in order to maintain all the benefits of raw!

Our a small, family-run, apiary is located near Cooks Creek in the Rural Municipality of Springfield, Manitoba. The long hours of prairie sunlight, combined with a variety of high quality foraging sources, during our (relatively) short summers mean that our bees can provide us with 75 kg or more (150-175 lbs) of beautiful light-coloured honey per hive!We believe in using all the goodness the bees have to offer. That’s why we started our hand-crafted and all natural skin care products in the first place! Our aim is to produce small batches of natural skin care products using high quality ingredients including beeswax and raw honey from our very own hives. We are committed to making all products by hand to ensure every unit meets our high standards

70071 Briercliff Rd Cooks Creek, MB  R5M 0A4