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Spring Creek Farms

Spring Creek Farms is a partnership between Siblings Andy and Jessica Chamberlin with their neighbour Brad Anderson.  They are located at the edge of the Tiger Hills just South of Cypress River. They specialize in custom processing and delivery of delicious pasture raised meat products.

Currently they are preparing to move to our brand new meat shop at 161 Railway Ave in Cypress River, MB. Until then they will continue to operate out at the Anderson Family Farm.  At their meat shop, they can produce almost any meat product you could ever ask for. You will find their products at premium locations such as at Cramptons Market, St. Leons Farmers Market and at Stella’s Restaurant. They are also members of the Harvest Moon Local Food Initiative with distribution in Winnipeg and Brandon.

Spring Creek Farms has many individual cuts for direct sale, a bulk subscription program and also do custom butchering of whole animals. People can either pick up meat directly from the shop, or they do have regular deliveries all over Manitoba.  Most of their product is inspected and for direct sale, but we do also specialize in emergency animal harvest, hunted animals and custom processing of locally farmed livestock.

On the farm, they raise grass fed beef, pasture pork, sheep, pasture chicken and pasture turkey. They also have partners who raise bison. The farms raise these animals using holistic management which is a decision making model with soil health as the main focus. The livestock are allowed to exhibit all of their natural behaviours on our pastures and are constantly moved to fresh ground. This is how they are able to successfully raise healthy animals without the use of antibiotics or chemical dewormers or any hormones. The animals grow slowly and eat a much more natural diet in our system which gives the meat delicious rich, deep flavours and textures.

When you buy from Spring Creek Farms, you can feel good about supporting local farm families who are active in the surrounding communities. You can feel good that the animals live a happy life and are used to regenerate the environment. You can also be assured that our meat is among the healthiest, most nutrient dense and flavourful meat you can eat.  Come and visit them out at the farm, they look forward to feeding your family!



Holistically managed beef, pork, chicken, turkey, sheep and bison

Custom cutting

Pet food


Direct sales, delivery, Bulk Subscription plan (CSA)

161 Railway Ave, Cypress River, Manitoba
P: 204-743-2154
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