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South Glanton Farms

South Glanton Farms is a family farm located near Forrest, Manitoba, just north of Brandon.   The farm includes Ryan, Sarah, Piper, Bingham, Jim and Joanne Boyd.   When Ryan returned home to join the farm a transition began, moving away from intensive crop production to what is currently referred to as Regenerative Agriculture.  The farm focuses on adding diversity and using nature as a template to create a resilient agroecosystem.  Diverse perennial pastures are grazed with a herd of beef cattle that have been selected over many generations to thrive under our local environmental conditions.  All grain crops are grown as intercrops and every effort is made to enhance the soil biology.   Wildlife is abundant on the farm and soil carbon has increased significantly.  As the soils have improved so has the health of the crops and the cattle.  The practices used continue to evolve as experience is gained and all decisions are guided by Holistic Management.

South Glanton Farms grows and sells various cover crop seeds, mixed grains for livestock feed and forage developed bred cows and bulls.

The Boyd family takes pride in being a part of our local Glanton community and are excited to offer locally produced beef and pork for sale!!

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