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Nature’s Farm

It’s hard to keep up with Hermann and Sheryl Grauer of Nature’s Farm, who seem to have endless energy for producing amazing food using the best local ingredients available in the province. After starting a pasta company, an omega-3 egg production and distribution facility and now a line of hearty, whole-grain granola, this couple still plans to do more innovative food projects in the future.

The Grauers began farming as egg producers in 1987 and soon began developing pasta recipes using their own eggs, which was a rare thing to do in Canada since the majority of grocery store pastas contain only wheat and a few other ingredients (usually preservatives). The pasta is made using hand-cracked eggs – 400 per batch, to be exact! – local flour and all-natural flavours using dried herbs and vegetables. The result, especially when using farm-fresh eggs like the Grauers do, is rich-tasting pasta with almost butter-like texture that comes in a long line of flavours, shapes and sizes.

Nature’s Pasta was officially launched in 1993 and soon became well-known as a top-quality product by many local chefs and food critics who also got to know the Grauers along the way. The pasta has since been featured at cooking shows and distributed to upscale restaurants across North America, but has also been made available to customers across Manitoba in stores like My Farmers Market (.com), Vic’s Fruit Market, Crampton’s Market and Vita Health stores.

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