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Lintott Farm

Jim and Carolyn Lintott were among the first producers in Manitoba to begin direct-marketing 100% grass-fed and -finished beef back in 2004 following the BSE crisis. The couple’s business has been founded on honest relationships that they have worked to develop with their customers over the years. “It has taken us a long time to get the cuts up to the quality that we want,” says Jim. He adds that their Angus beef is dry-aged for 21 days before it is cut, a longer period than the average steak. “This process dramatically improves the flavour and texture. We are going for a higher degree of tenderness in the meat and are able to achieve that by waiting a bit longer.” Jim notes that one of the key reasons for moving to raise 100% grass-fed beef is the health benefits that the product has for the consumer. “According to the research,” Jim starts. “Grass-fed beef is two to four times richer in heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, higher in “good” unsaturated fats and lower in “bad” saturated fats, three to five times higher in Linoleic Acid content and loaded with over 400% more of vitamin A and E. When the consumer chooses to eat 100% grass-fed and finished beef, they know they are supporting a humane, health-promoting and environmentally responsible system of agriculture. That’s what makes it so good to be in this business!”

The Lintott’s commitment to producing beef of such caliber reflects in the positive feedback they receive from their customers, who also gain facts about grass-fed beef and cooking tips from Jim. “Customers who are experienced cooks have come up to me at the market and have said ‘I did exactly what you told me to do… and that was the best roast I have made in years!’” Jim smiles. He has been attending the St. Norbert Farmer’s Market for almost 10 years and offers his customers free delivery to Winnipeg and the surrounding area each year from November to April. Aside from fostering individual relationships, the Lintotts also work with chefs of restaurants, weddings and hotels who are looking for speciality items that they can feature in the fall months. Jim’s partnership business, Springfield Cattle Company, keeps him busy with the daily management of over 130 head of cattle to water, rotate and move on a regular basis. The company, which started in 2001 is shared with 5 of the Lintott’s neighbours and has provided the foundation for their endeavours in direct-marketing. In addition to farming full-time, Jim has devoted countless hours as the chair of the Manitoba Forage Council and a founding member of the Manitoba Grass-Fed Beef Association. You can learn more about the Association and its values through its website as well as follow the projects and events organized by the Council, which are on its website. Visit Jim at the St. Norbert Farmer’s Market on any given Saturday during the summer to learn even more.

Oakbank, Manitoba
P: 204-444-2514
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