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Are you a Manitoba farmer who is selling your farm products directly to customers?


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Kurbis Country

When it comes to mixed farms, Kurbis Country is pretty close to fitting the ideal description. The farm is literally a one-stop-shop for healthy, organically-grown food, making available to drop-in customers eggs, chicken, beef, pork, baking, preserves and fresh vegetables, you can even pick out some potted plants from their greenhouse or seeds from their store to grow your own! On top of producing all of that food, the farm is also home to a mixed flock of ducks, geese, turkeys and guineas, a couple horses, a family of goats and a peacock!

Rick and Heather Kurbis never really planned on starting a farm, even after both growing up on one and maintaining connections with their farming communities in Dencross and Stead, respectively, both of which are located almost directly south of Grand Beach on the #12. However, after moving onto a piece of land only one mile from the family farm Rick was raised on, the urge to return to their roots was too strong to ignore. Wanting to avoid the long commute to the city and to raise their children at home on a farm, they decided to grow and sell vegetables. Receiving a lot of positive feedback and noticing an obvious demand for farm fresh, quality produce gave them the courage to begin a full-time, year-round adventure.

It has since grown to include producing and selling organically grown vegetables, free run eggs and natural meats. They have also expanded their greenhouse, winterized their animal shelters and constructed an inspected storefront and kitchen in which they make their own sausage, preserves and baking. The produce from their farm is available six days a week from the farm store, along with quality products from other local producers and farmers.

Kurbis Country Market, Manitoba 317, Beausejour, Manitoba
P: 204-265-3082