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Howpark Farms

Nestled on the eastern edge of the Brandon Hills, Howpark Farms is owned and operated by 4th generation farmers Ian and Linda Grossart and family. Our grass-fed, organically certified cattle are raised in our pastures and the entire herds’ diet includes only grasses, forage crops and legumes grown entirely on our farm. Our own breeding program and complete control over their diet considers every aspect of what makes ethically-raised, certified grass-fed organic beef that is both nutrient rich and distinctly flavourful, while also considering the environmental impact on the earth.

We also grow a variety of organic grains as part of our crop rotation and raise pasture chickens to assist us in our regenerative farming practices. As our climate changes so must our approach to food production. We take pride in helping with ongoing research in the fields of food production and regenerative agriculture.

Howpark Farms has been in the family since 1879 and was started by Ian’s Great Grandfather William Bertram. William homesteaded this location as it closely resembled his original family farm in Scotland, the namesake of this farm.

The farm has always been home to both livestock and grain, given the topography and native prairie that it contains. The most obvious distinguishing feature at Howpark is the western edge of our property which rises steeply into the natural wilderness setting of the Brandon Hills. This area is popular with nature-lovers and recreational enthusiasts who love the picturesque features of the terrain.

We believe that regenerative agriculture is the way of the future and continue to use progressive farming practices that will ensure the farm will be viable both finacially and ecologically for generations to come.

Howpark Farms, Oakland, MB
P: 204-725-1006