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Haven Farms

Haven Farms is a small homestead in the town of Linden, Manitoba. Here, we have many gardens, the beginnings of a new orchard, horses, goats, cats, chickens, and bees; all of which work together on our little farm. We use the manure from the animals to enrich the soil of the gardens, goats are for milk which we use for cheese and soaps, the cats help with the pests, we collect eggs from our chickens, and the bees give us honey and wax and help pollinate our gardens and orchards. With this, we are able to offer a large variety of unique goods through our summer CSA program. While we’re not certified organic, we do strive for it and we do care for ourselves as much as our animals, so we do not use any herbicides or pesticides on any of our food or anywhere else around the farm, and we use sustainable farming practices, such as no till in our gardens. We are also working towards being a zero-waste farm, so you will receive little to no waste packaging that would need to be discarded. Any packaging supplied can be returned or composted. We feel our calling is to make food sustainable, accessible, and affordable for everyone. If you know of someone who is in need of food over the summer, please feel free to email us.

Our CSA program runs 12-16 weeks, starting mid/late June and runs until early/mid October, and provides a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, eggs, jams, and soaps. Follow us on our Facebook page to see where we’ll be, and you can sign up for shares through our website!

Linden, MB
P: 204-793-7438