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Awaken Herbs

At Awaken, we hope to expand our local herb-shed with fresh, vibrant, life-giving farm-grown medicinal plants. We grow with your home apothecary, herbalism, healing practice, and herbal businesses in mind. We want to make growing a relationship with these herbs easy for you, so we offer several connection points.

Fresh Medicinal Herb U-Pick // Join us at the farm to harvest a basket of locally grown medicinal herbs at their peak vitality.

Fresh Medicinal Herb CSA // Dip your toes into the herbal world with a Posy Moon Share, and receive a beautiful herbal posy 6 times throughout the season, introducing you to dozens of medicinal herbs. Or, stock your home apothecary with a Half Moon Share and receive several pounds of fresh medicinals. Herbal product makers and herbalists, our Full Moon Share is for you!

Dried Bulk Herbs // We dry our herbs with great care in our custom drying room, which preserves much of their colour, flavour, and medicine – dried herbs should look and smell as close to fresh as possible!

We work only with our hands, small-farm tools, and the much appreciated help of good friends. We incorporate principles and practices based on Indigenous agriculture (what has been repackaged as permaculture), biodynamics, and (non-certified) organic methods. Learning how to build healthy soil and beneficial habitat underpins much of what we do.

Sliding scale and reparations pricing available.

Thalberg, Manitoba
P: 204-805-5117
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