Windy Lake Farm

Windy Lake Farm

Farm Bio

Windy Lake Farm is the result of two individuals with farming backgrounds re-creating a livelihood shaped to fully support themselves and their son. “Everything on here we build from scratch,” Corinne says. “I honestly don’t know what we would do if we weren’t farming.”

Andy and Corinne Grift moved to their farm – an 80-acre plot of grazing land with a tree-lined marshy pond – in the spring of 1989. They started raising Yorkshire-Landres pigs and Simental-Angus cows in their first year, establishing some make-shift pens outside as there was no barn on the property. The couple set to work establishing infrastructure on their new home, including the barn and the house they now live in, which Andy built using 100-year-old lumber from old buildings his father, brother and him tore down.

While establishing a local market for their pork, the couple also started raising meat birds and rotationally grazing their cattle using land they purchased and seeded with alfalfa, clover and various brome grasses. They now own about a half section of land and produce some of their own grains for chicken feed and hay for bale-grazing their cattle. The Grifts recently started raising sheep as well and offering lamb to their growing customer base.