Wildfire Farms


Farm Bio

Meaghan Lomax, owner of Wildfire Farms since 2010, raises and sells free roaming chickens and pork and sells 100% grass fed and finished beef from the family farm. The Barnabe family has been raising beef for over 40 years.

Throughout the year, Meaghan manages sales and coordinates delivery/pickup dates to Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Check out Wildfire Farms online store for locations, dates and times of deliveries/pickups.

Products available at the St Norbert Farmers market and farm gate:
-100% grass fed and finished beef. Wildfire Farms has a variety of cuts such as steaks, roasts, ground, soup bones, organ meats and gluten free sausage, nitrate and sugar free.
-Free roaming heritage pork with cuts such as chops, roasts, hams, hocks, bacon, crackles and lard, nitrate and sugar free
-Free roaming broiler chickens, breasts, thighs, drums, ground, wings, organs, feet and soup bones.