Prairie Sweetheart Honey


Farm Bio

Prairie Sweetheart Honey is a small-scale apiary producing natural, high-quality honey from urban hives located in the Charleswood area of Winnipeg, MB.
Happy, healthy bees are our number one concern. We care for and protect these pollinators because bees play a vital role in the balance of nature; especially in the pollination of many farming initiatives, community gardens, orchards and seed industries.
Our honey has a unique and delicious taste because of its proximity to Assiniboine Forest, one of Canada’s largest urban nature parks. Also nearby, the Leo Mol English Gardens has local and imported plants blooming throughout the growing season and the Assiniboine River has a large variety of flora found along the banks.
We believe that small farming initiatives are key to a greener and brighter future. Prairie Sweetheart Honey is one small part of the bigger picture.