Hodgins Farm

Hodgins Farm

Farm Bio

Hodgins Farm is a family owned, multi-generational, pasture based livestock farm nestled in the Arrow Hills by Lenore, MB.  We, Cameron and Lisa, along with our four young children are third generation farmers that farm regeneratively within the natural ecosystems to improve the health of the land and animals. We utilize organic and holistic management principles and enjoy hosting farm tours and educating others about our farm and regenerative agriculture.

We deliver regularly to Winnipeg, Brandon and Virden and offer a variety of products.  All of our products are produced on our farm and are free of GMOs, antibiotics and added growth hormones. We use zero pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our farm.

Our Products:
*Grassfed Beef
*Pastured Pork
*Pastured Chicken
*Pastured Turkey
*Free-Range Eggs
*Pastured Lamb
*Raw Honey