Emma’s Garden

Emma's Garden

Farm Bio

Emma’s garden is a tribute in name to Chuck’s grandmother as her loving stories of growing up in the area and her appreciation of the gifts that surrounded them have resonated for generations following her.

Emma’s Garden (2009) is the return of the family to the original homestead of the Latvian Settlers that moved to the area in 1910. On what is now 85 acres of established Boreal forest and grass field along beautiful river scenery. Emma’s Garden is the rebirth of the property.

Our first work is to establish a market garden. Year after year we grow different crops, learning what grows best in our soil surrounded by forest, and what the community wants for fresh produce during the summer months.

We will continue to meet the community at the Lac du Bonnet Farmers Market and in 2017 at the Elma’s Farmers Market with the best pesticide free produce we can grow with great flavour. After the September long weekend we are looking to locate at a farmers market in the city so we can get our garlic to our Winnipeg friends.

The land and community is leading us to grow more and more garlic. Our garden is surrounded by trees. This brings us wonderful snow cover to protect us through both mild and harsh winters creating a stable environment at the garden surface over the winter’s rest. Our upside, while other fields cleared with direct sun, rain and wind, our garden melts slower creating a more stable transition to Spring and a consistent and great tasting garlic scapes and bulbs to harvest.

Julie and I look forward to seeing everyone at the markets in 2017.