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Anderson Family Farm

Anderson Family Farm

Farm Bio

Leanne and Brad grew up two miles from one another – immersed in completely different but equally busy farms as children – yet never got to know each other until they were nearly finished high school. They have now completed construction of a home on Brad’s family farm just south of Cypress River, where his grandfather was born. The farm is 135 years old and includes about 1500 cultivated acres. The Andersons have been working hard to make their farm more sustainable than the wheat-canola operation they took over in 2011. They have greatly diversified their operation to include 10 different crops in rotation, grow poly crops and have moved completely away from tillage using a one pass system and variable rate fertilizer. While they are proud of the positive steps forward in making their grain farm more sustainable, they realize that they can only go so far using conventional methods.

Since 2004, the Andersons have been raising pasture-raised chickens based on Joel Salatin’s production model. After taking a Holistic Management course through the University, they added pasture pork and turkey to the mix. Their goal is to find a way to farm in tune with nature and focus on soil health. The most recent project is to combine the theories of organic no-till grain production with high density stock grazing of grass fed beef and other animals. For this project, they have recently acquired cattle and laying hens, and should mean that grass fed beef, eggs and organic grains are coming down the pipe. These products will be available from the Andersons soon!

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