Anderson Family Farm

Anderson Family Farm

Farm Bio

Leanne and Brad grew up two miles from one another – immersed in completely different but equally busy farms as children – yet never got to know each other until they were nearly finished high school.

They have now completed construction of a home on Brad’s family farm just south of Cypress River, where his grandfather was born. The farm is 135 years old and includes about 1500 cropped acres.

The Andersons and their four children have been working hard to make their farm more sustainable than the wheat-canola operation they took over in 2011.  Soil health is becoming a bigger focus every year.

They have greatly diversified their operation to include over 10 different crops in rotation. Cover crops, intercropping and multispecies perennial crops are now incorporated across the farm.  To complement this, Brad has started a mobile seed cleaning business with a focus on cleaning intercrop mixtures, organic products and delicate crops like beans.  They have planted over 7500 trees on the farm.  Fruit trees and nuts could be integrated next!

Since 2004, the Andersons have been raising pasture-raised chickens and turkeys based on Joel Salatin’s production model. After taking a Holistic Management course through the University, they added pasture pork, grass fed beef, and now sheep to the mix.

Recently forming a partnership with Jessica Chamberlin and Ian Cabernel of Spring Creek Farms, they work together to raise the livestock which they market through their other partnership: Spring Creek Farm.  Spring Creek Farm has recently completed construction of a new meat shop and warehouse in the town of Cypress River where they will base their distribution. You can also find Anderson Family Farm meats on the Harvest Moon Local Food Initiative website.

The Anderson kids are now 8-13 years old and are getting involved in the farm.  This year the kids will be helping in the field and taking over raising some pasture chickens and planting 4 acres of sweet corn for u-pick and delivery.


Pasture Raised Meats (chicken, turkey, pork, beef, lamb)

Sweet Corn (u-pick/we-pick)

Custom Mobile Seed Cleaning