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Riverbend Orchards

FARMERS: Phillip Ronald
LOCATION: 100 Old Bridge Road (Portage la Prairie)
PHONE #: (204) 870-1140


Riverbend Orchards Inc. was founded in spring of 2009 when Philip and Karen Ronald purchased Linden’s B B Farm, founded by the late Bill Linden and his wife Marie. The Ronald’s and their children have continued the tradition of providing locally grown fruit for consumers in the central plains region of Manitoba. Riverbend Orchards is also a licensed propagator of haskap cultivars developed at the University of Saskatchewan.

The orchards are planted on 20 acres of fertile, river bottom soil at the south side of Portage la Prairie. We are conveniently located at 100 Old Bridge Road within city limits. Most of the property consists of a triangular shaped acreage bordered by Highway 240 to the east, George Lake to the west and the Trans Canada highway to the north. George Lake is a part of Garrioch Creek which drains Crescent Lake into the Assiniboine River.

Each year picking commences in early July with saskatoons and honeyberries, followed by gooseberries in mid-July, then cherries in late July. Cranberries, plums and apples are expected in late August. Customers can choose to pick their own fruit or buy pre-picked fruit from our coolers. Pre-picked saskatoons are available fresh for several weeks in the summer and frozen for a longer period into the fall.


  • September
  • Wholesale available
  • Pre-pick
  • mid-August
  • Pre-pick
  • July 12
  • Wholesale available
  • Pre-pick
  • U-pick
  • late August
  • Wholesale available
  • Pre-pick
  • U-pick
  • July 9
  • Wholesale available
  • Pre-pick
  • U-pick
  • June 19
  • Wholesale available
  • Pre-pick
  • U-pick
Jams and jellies
  • spring and summer
  • Farm gate
Aronia-rhubarb jam, haskap jam
  • July 2
  • Pre-pick
  • U-pick
Trees and shrubs
  • spring and summer
  • Wholesale available
  • Farm gate
Haskap, gooseberry and aronia plants for sale


  S M T W T F S

Open Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 7 PM


Prairie Fruit Growers Association


Tart cherries are ready!

We have beautiful pre-picked tart cherries available for $24 per 4 litre. Presently we are picking the 'Romeo' variety with 'Valentine' and 'Carmine Jewel' to follow next week. Call to book your order today.

Saskatoons are early and in abundance

We have a bumper crop of saskatoons ready for picking at our farm in Portage la Prairie. They are ripening 1 week earlier than normal, but the quality is exceptional. We are open Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 7 PM. For more information visit

Honeyberry plants - direct from the grower

The new BLUEberry for the prairies. Honeyberry plants available for spring planting. Cultivars include Borealis, Tundra and Honey Bee (pollinizer).
2 year-old plants @ $8 each - minimum order of 5

Aronia-rhubarb jam

Aronia is considered by many to be the next "superfruit" having outstanding levels of anti-oxidants and nutraceuticals.

Riverbend's Aronia-rhubarb jam is made by Paulette Crampton of Starbuck, Manitoba from our fruit.

Winnipeg Free Press profile on Riverbend Orchards

Thanks to Joe Bryksa for braving the heat to come out and take some fantastic photos around our farm. View the article and photo collection at: