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- by Kalynn Spain

Small Farms Manitoba has connected eaters with farmers for the past three years. It's founder, Kalynn Spain has worked hard to create these connections both online through the website and in person through speaking at conferences and running educational tours and events.

Direct Farm Manitoba has been active since its formation, meeting with our new Agriculture Minister, reaching out to various marketing and supply management boards to introduce themselves and establishing relationships with key staff within the Deptartment of Agriculture. They have outlined a one year strategic plan that focuses on connecting with and learning about the needs of their membership and finding effective, collaborative ways to ensure those needs are heard by those creating regulation and policy within the agriculture sector.

These two organizations within the agricultural sector are excited to announce that they are joining forces to strengthen support for the small farm community. As of January 2017, Direct Farm Manitoba will oversee all aspects of Small Farms Manitoba – Kalynn Spain will be working closely with the board over the next few months to ensure a smooth transition and to create a plan for our continued partnership.

Members of this combined organization will benefit from organized advocacy efforts, gain a voice at important venues where agricultural policy and regulations are discussed and receive updates and information regarding changes in the agriculture sector that may impact them along with enjoying the marketing support of the existing Small Farms Manitoba website and events.

Direct Farm Manitoba's Board of Directors are:

Phil Veldhuis, President (Phil's Honey)

Brad Anderson, Vice President (Anderson Farms)

Leanne Fenez, Secretary (Fenez Follies Farm)

Bruce Berry, Treasurer (Almost Urban Vegetables)

Stefan Regnier (Blue Lagoon Organics)

Rudy Reimer (Watersong Farms)

Chuck Leibert (Emma's Garden)