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Time for Fruit Pickin'!

- by Kalynn Spain

Although strawberry season has sadly just ended, there are plenty of other types of berries to find these days across rural Manitoba. Some varieties will surprise you but in fact grow quite well on the prairies and make for some delicious eating both fresh now and thawed later from the freezer. Buy in bulk if you like to eat them year-round and make sure to lie them out on pans to freeze slightly before storing them in freezer bags to avoid frozen clumps.

Sour Cherries

Sour cherries have many more purposes than making one pucker - try them on cereal, in smoothies and even over roasted vegetables. A cherry pie is always a classic.

Fresh cherries too tangy for you? Prairie Adventure Farm in Carman sells them fresh, frozen and dried! Now you can try out these zippy little fruits in different ways and at your leisure - buy them frozen and pull them out later this winter for some experimenting or try sprinkling the dried ones over a salad this summer! Looking to buy in bulk? Check out Seine River UPic near Lorette.


These sweet "superfruits"are quite the berry - read about some of their health benefits from Haskap Canada. Many small farmers are starting to grow this berry due to their increasing popularity, but one farm that has experimented in growing them with great success is Riverbend Orchards just outside of Portage la Prairie.


While it often looks like only one type of apple can grow here in Manitoba - the famous crab apple - Clayton U-Pick Orchard has discovered over the years that over forty different varieties of apples can survive and thrive in this province. His U-pick (and pre-pick) near Virden will be opening soon with all kinds of apples and is currently offering cherries.